We’ve worked incredibly hard over many years to build a professional and dedicated system to identify and assist aspiring footballers gain a soccer scholarship in the USA.

Stephen Murray is responsible for and fully committed to dealing with our existing clients who are seeking places for entry in 2021. We are also pleased to announce, despite the uncertainties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, that thanks to Stephen, almost all of our remaining 2020 clients have received firm offers or are already committed to joining their chosen US University or College.

Only a small number of our now former clients have changed their objectives choosing to stay at home or entering Irish or UK universities. We wish them well and every success for the future.

Due to the continuing uncertainty we  are accepting no new registrations for the Winter sports semester. Feedback from many US university coaches suggests that it hard to see how the 2020 season will start up in August.

There are also concerns that the future of College sports will be effected heavily financially and from that prospective how the average cost of scholarships will be affected. Until the close down our Network clients for entry in 2020 were on average being offered best in the business fees. It is prudent therefore we ensure we are in a position to advise our future clients responsibly and accurately.

For players wanting to go to the USA on a Soccer Scholarship in 2021 or 2022, we  will  continue to provide our assessment, networking and placement services. We hope it will be sooner rather than later this year when prospective clients will be able will once again be able to complete the registration form.



James Kirkham