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Long Stay Travel Insurance

PASS4Soccer have teamed up with two Long Stay Travel Insurance (LSTI) suppliers in the UK to make sure our clients are properly protected while in the USA.

The University you attend will ultimately cover you for any soccer related injuries while training or playing, Option 1 should provide the cover you need. If the University requires you to have your own cover for sports related injuries, you may wish to look at Option 2.

Please note, the two options described below are offered by different companies. Please speak to each company about the policy they offer.

Option 1

Quality cover with some unique features is available to PASS4 clients, families and friends along with excellent service relevant for studying in the USA and elsewhere for all EU residents.

The PASS4soccer package is essential as it has the flexibility of providing cover off-campus and will complement the Health Insurance offered by individual campuses.

A major plus is the advantage of greater repatriation benefits and parent visits if hospitalised, cover if you are already abroad and annual renewals. Look carefully at the costs; a student departing in August and return during May (10 Months) can be efficiently covered for as little as approximately £257.

The difference between Personal Health Insurance (PHI) promoted and sold by US education institutions and LSTI is that UK insurance underwriters will decide based on various factors whether treatment will take place in the USA or in the case of serious injury repatriation back to the UK may be necessary.

Please note however that this travel and long stay study abroad insurance cover does not provide any benefits for private health care.

You can view and purchase the STUDY ABROAD scheme via our website link.

Health Insurance will be provided by your University/College in the USA but may vary in cover and benefits accordingly. Please ensure you check this out. The STUDY ABROAD scheme will supplement and provide the additional flexibility that you will need for your travels and includes £10,000,000 emergency medical, £5,000 cancellation/curtailment and £2,000 personal possessions cover.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Long Stay Travel Insurance (LSTI) does not cover students while playing/training for their university or college soccer team. Universities and colleges should have their own special athletic cover for their sports teams and student athletes. A student must check with their university or college prior to purchase of the insurance that they have a policy in place to cover you while you are playing for their team.


For under 25’s only, a discounted premium, for official study and work experience abroad. Applicable to scholarships in the USA where you must intend returning back to the UK during academic years.

Worldwide inc USA

£ (approximate)

6 Months/188 Days – 163
10 Months/312 Days – 257
12 Months/365 Days – 302

If you have any worries, just contact the broker on 07837524144.

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Option 2

Sports Scholarship have been offering sports scholarship insurance since 2013, and have amended policies over that period to suit the needs of their clients.

This year they are offering a choice of Private Medical Insurance plans, ranging from budget to elite.

These private medical insurance plans are specifically designed for people travelling to a new country to study and play their selected sports.

With prices starting from only £495 for the year they have a range of 5 policies to suit your requirements and your budget.

Sports Scholarship have also negotiated a bespoke arrangement with one medical insurer to also include elements of travel insurance into a private medical insurance plan, these include loss of checked in luggage, loss or theft of passport/visa, trip delay and trip interruption.

To find out more please Click Here or contact Scott on 01535 643262.

Disclaimer – Please note, the information on this page is intended as a guide and does not constitute legal insurance advice. For specific advice, please contact each insurance intermediary who is legally qualified to recommend a policy for you.

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