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We have been running our Showcase events since 2003. PASS4Soccer have gained a superb reputation among US Coaches for the quality of players on show.

Every year, we welcome old friends and new faces, who attend our male and female events and come over to scout our players. These events take place throughout the year and form important parts of the P4S Networking process.

The main PASS4Soccer Showcase attracts a number of coaches to each event (male and female). This event gives players the ideal platform to showcase their abilities as well as maximizing soccer scholarship opportunities.

The high attendance of US coaches does not come with just putting on an event. US Coaches will only attend top-quality and well organised events with access to players, who are fully prepared for the USA.

US coaches are selective about the overseas showcases they attend in the UK, Europe and the wider world. They select just a small number of events to attend with organisations they respect, trust and have worked with in the past. It is vital, therefore, that you choose only the best professional placement advisors.

Our Showcase events take place in London and are branded as the ‘Best in Europe’. We work, not only to give US coaches access to high-quality players, but to provide a feel-good ambience in quality facilities.

The games are professionally filmed by a camera crew. We are then able to promote players to those members of our US coaches network, who are unable to fly to London for the event.

Video is of paramount importance and that is why we make sure coaches have access to top-quality video.

If you wish to take part or seek further information contact PASS4Soccer on 0191 229 5236 or email

“The PASS4Soccer Showcase is always well organised with quality player information. We trust their assessment methods and player knowledge.” NCAA DI Coach

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