We’ve worked incredibly hard over many years to build a professional and dedicated system to identify and assist elite and talented aspiring footballers find a soccer scholarship in the USA.

We are pleased to announce, despite the on-going uncertainties caused by the Covid 19 pandemic advise and, if requested to do, so assist new candidates seeking assistance in winning US university and college soccer scholarships/placements in August 2021 and 2022/23.

As the outlook for the safe resumption of the 2020 Winter soccer season improves we are monitoring the financial effects of the Pandemic and on international recruitment numbers to ensure, as in previous years, where the best in the business offers can be obtained.

To ensure we continue to advise our clients responsibly and accurately from August 2020 we will be  offering a comprehensive, unique and low cost approach for student athletes to avoid rip off fees to be able to calculate how much you will need to pay and to target your search for best results.

Watch this space as to when you can complete the registration form



James Kirkham