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Best Payments for Football Betting

Best Payments for Football Betting

Every day the internet is developing betting services more and more. In order for bettors to feel comfortable and to be able to top up their personal account and start earning real money instantly, new payment systems are being developed and implemented. Each bookmaker checks all options, safety, legality and speed of payments. With convenient payment methods, players get a comfortable online betting environment.

How to Choose a Payment System for Sports Betting?

To choose a convenient payment system, you need to familiarise yourself with several criteria. Pay attention to them, check with each bookmaker’s office, and only then start betting.

Main criteria for choosing a payment system:

  • Payment conversion – with this criterion you will be able to determine the quality of the payment provider;
  • Low commission of the payment provider – most bookmaker offices pay this amount themselves;
  • Choice of payment methods – every bookmaker’s office strives to add the best and most popular deposit methods to its website. The most common payment methods are cards, also often use e-wallets and international online payment systems;
  • Modern defence against fraudsters – connect systems that have their own ford monitoring. This function will allow you to automatically analyse each transaction, will also block all dubious payments;
  • Safety and reliability – each provider must ensure the protection of customers’ payment data, overall security of payments as well as the absence of failures;
  • Stable work – the bookmaker’s office works round the clock. Pay attention to how quickly all conflict situations are solved by the support service;
  • Timeliness of payments. The faster the money is credited to your personal account, the faster you can win at sports betting;
  • Convenient personal cabinet – the more tools and settings you see in your personal cabinet, the wider the opportunities for transaction control and personalisation;
  • Detailed statistics and analytics – every bookmaker’s office should have statistical data, as well as quickly generate reports based on this information;
  • Quick and easy connectivity.

Check the above criteria, and only then start to register on the site and enter real money into your personal account.

The most Popular Payment Methods

The most Popular Payment Methods

In order to reduce the time you will spend checking all the above criteria, a great list has been created, where you will find the best payment systems at bookmakers. Read it in detail and choose one of your favourite options.


This is a payment system that is famous all over the world. It helps 1,000,000 customers to process transactions every day, it exists on almost every website as a payment method.

Visa has a programme that confirms the identity of the user. This way you can’t be scammed, fraudsters can’t steal your personal money.

In order to verify you, biometric data can be used – fingerprint, facial recognition or a one-time access code. This access code can be sent as an SMS to your phone number.

Apple Pay

This is a popular digital wallet, mobile payment service that can be found on every iPhone. This service only works in the Safari browser. However, despite this limitation, Apple Pay is a popular payment method especially among bettors.

The minimum amount that players can deposit using Apple Pay is one US dollar. However, some bookmakers may set a different limit of five dollars. Apple Pay has no limit on the maximum amount a player can deposit on the site. 

Apple Pay is one of the most secure payment methods. Residents of all countries of the world use it to deposit money to their accounts in online casinos and bookmakers. To keep players safe, the following systems are used:

  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Tokenization is a system where unique one-time encrypted codes are created. These are used to authorise a transaction.

Credit Cards

If you use this payment method, you can be absolutely safe in terms of security. Bank details encrypted with high quality ssl are used to protect personal data. No third parties or hackers can access them.Most cards can be issued online, the card will be ready in a few days.

Some providers may run a credit check on the customer before submission. This is used to determine the type of credit that can be extended to each person.

If guide because how to use a charge card to fulfil a gambling account:

  1. Go to a betting site;
  2. Open a personal account;
  3. When registering, enter personal information as well as credit card information. The names must match for verification;
  4. Go to the banking page and select one of the available credit card options;
  5. Enter the amount to be deposited;
  6. Confirm the transaction. This is done by entering the three digits on the back of the card.

Deposits by credit card are instantaneous. Most operators will accept a bet with a minimum amount of $10. The maximum bet amount will depend on what your credit status is.

Web Money Electronic Wallet

This method of payment takes the leading position. Here you can choose several ways of payment and withdrawal. In order to register in this e-wallet you will have to do a simple registration. During it you need to enter some passport data and your mobile phone number.

It is worth saying that some bookmakers are not ready to cooperate with Web Money. This is due to the fact that the system hides some of the data of its clients. In addition, this system has a commission, which must be paid to bookmakers.

Skrill System

Skrill System

This system is popular all over the world. It is actively gaining its momentum in bookmakers. There are no commission fees, which is very popular with operators of betting sites. There are a lot of prizes and bonuses, and you can also become a member of the loyalty programme.

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The only disadvantage of Skrill is a rather complicated registration. In order to pass it you need to scan your documents, as well as confirm your identity.

Qiwi Electronic Wallet

This payment system is popular in the CIS countries. The advantages of the system are a large number of payment systems of the terminal, and simple registration. During registration, you only need to specify your phone number.

Through this system you can spend personal money to another payment system, as well as to a bank card. This system is simple, and has a large commission, which is equal to 5%.


There are a large number of payment systems in the world. You have listed only a few of them. You have learnt information about security and encryption of popular payment methods. Choose the option that suits you and start winning real money right now by betting on sports. If you didn’t find detailed information about their payment methods you need, you’ll be able to familiarise yourself with it at the bookmaker’s office.