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NFL Betting

NFL Betting

American soccer is very similar to rugby, but they are entirely different sports disciplines. The essence of the game process, however, is that the only difference is the playing field’s size, the team’s composition, the duration of the rounds, and other indicators. Many people think that if they know how to place bets on rugby, they will easily bet on the NFL. This is not the case. American soccer is an utterly uncharted direction, which requires a professional and unique approach from the bettor. 

In this article, we will analyse the main features of the NFL, study its advantages and disadvantages, and tell you how and where to bet on American soccer.

What are the characteristics of the NFL? 

What are the characteristics of the NFL? 

Let’s start with the distinctive features that are inherent in American soccer: 

  • The match consists of 4 parts. Each part lasts 15 minutes. The total duration of the game is 60 minutes. 
  • Two teams meet in the match, each of which has 11 players. You can change as many players as you like; if necessary, you can replace the whole team. 
  • Points are awarded for several events. For example, if a team managed to bring the ball into the opponent’s zone, the opposite team could repel the other team’s attack in its zone. Points are also awarded when a player scores a goal with his foot. 
  • Teammates can pass like in traditional soccer. However, unlike the latter, you can do it not only with your feet but also with your hands. 
  • A participant can attack any player (not just the participant with the ball, as in rugby). 

Another feature of the NFL, which will be attractive to bettors, is that the favourite team wins in almost 70% of cases.

Features of Live betting on American soccer 

Users of bookmaker offices can bet on NHL live or pre-match. In the first case, the odds are usually lower than expected. This is explained by the fact that bookmakers themselves need to learn how the situation on the playing field will turn out. Therefore, they tend to lower the odds to avoid losses for themselves. 

However, this does not mean that placing live bets is not profitable. With proper skill and good analytical skills, making good predictions and placing profitable bets on the NFL is possible. 

It is also worth noting that in American soccer, events unfold much slower than, for example, in hockey or basketball. However, the bettor still needs to actively and quickly react to any changes to change the bet to another one in time. It is necessary to keep an eye on the playing field and the change of odds for specific outcomes.

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How to bet on American soccer 

A bet on the NFL is placed in the same way as on other sports. The following will be presented with step-by-step instructions for novice bettors: 

  • Choose a reliable, trusted and safe betting company. Remember that the company must necessarily have an official license. 
  • Register on the bookmaker’s official website or in its downloadable mobile application. 
  • Pass verification. This usually requires filling out a small form on the site with personal data and providing the support service with scans of documents. 
  • Choose the desired sport. American soccer is usually in the list of general disciplines, and all events within this sport are divided into groups. 
  • Select the required sports event and place a bet. 

Then, it remains only to go to the coupon and assign the bet amount. Most bookmakers’ offices offer three types of bets: single, express, and system. You can bet both in pre-match and live mode.

Tips from experts for those who want to bet on the NFL

Tips from experts for those who want to bet on the NFL

The NFL is one of the most popular sports today, so even a novice bettor can easily find the necessary information about sports betting within this discipline. Some bookmakers even offer information resources where you can read articles about predictions, statistics, etc. 

Here are some valuable tips and recommendations from experts with years of experience in betting:

  • Try to find good odds. This is critical because the size of bettors’ earnings strongly depends on the odds. In practice, it is considered that North American bookmakers put up more attractive odds than European ones. This is explained by the fact that they better understand American soccer and do not need to underestimate the odds to ensure possible losses. 
  • Keep a constant eye on the predictions of NFL experts. There are far fewer experts in American soccer than, for example, in traditional soccer. It is recommended to be as careful as possible when choosing a captor. There are a lot of scammers on the Internet who do not know about sports but at the same time call themselves professional pirates and try to sell predictions on sports. Therefore, before you buy predictions from a specialist, be sure to check his statistics of bets. 
  • If necessary, keep a personal betting diary. This helpful tool is required not only for novice bettors but also for professional ones. It allows you to track failures promptly, analyse mistakes, and make only correct predictions in the long run. In general, the diary will enable you to maximise the effectiveness of your bets. 
  • Refrain from large bets; it is better to prefer smaller bets. This approach will allow you to earn small amounts while staying as stable as possible.

Common mistakes of novice bettors 

Practice shows that most beginners make the same mistakes: 

  • They bet without prior research and thorough analysis of the match. This is a gross mistake, which will undoubtedly lead to a complete loss of bankroll. Be sure to study the game you want to place a bet on. For this purpose, you can read statistical information about the teams’ past meetings, information about the condition of the players, etc. 
  • They make chaotic bets. Before placing a bet, it is recommended to distribute your bankroll between several bets carefully. This way, you will have enough money for as many bets as possible and not lose your bankroll on the first bet. 
  • They bet on their favourite team. This is one of the most common mistakes that novice bettors often make. Yes, betting on your favourite team can be profitable in some cases and lead to a good result, but this is only sometimes the case. In most cases, a bet made at random without prior analysis will only lead to a loss of money. 

Beginning bettors should also refuse to make large bets, because of which they can lose their bankroll. Instead, it is better to bet small amounts to increase the chances of positive outcomes.